The Truth Always Hurt 

You know what I think is strange? Why are those people who deserve to be in power not able to reach that level and those who don’t deserve it have it. Why do we consider celebrities as our role models and people who really left a mark on this earth are the ones we look down upon. We don’t seem to care about those who are really making a change.. we rather care about what outfit our favourite star is wearing. And whenever someone stands up and tells the people what is right… they get silenced! Where are the people of understanding? Where are the people who speak the truth? Where are the fearless people who love to stand up and speak on what really goes on?

Look back into history… how many people demanded change. How many people stood up and spoke! What happend to them? They got silenced! How? They were thrown in jail, they broke down their entire image and death is what eventually followed…

They rather feed the brainwashed people with all the luxury in the world just so they can remain ignorant, than give power to the ones with a great mind. Just remember that the truth will never be justified here in this world. The truth will always be hated on! Why? Cause the truth hurts.


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