Back In The Days

I’m in love with everything that’s old school. I feel like the old school vibe is something special. The more the world is evolving, the less I like it. I actually like picking up the phone, instead of texting. I like having long, deep face to face conversations. I admire old school values because I feel like people actually had values back in the day. Now even respecting on another is a burden on its own. Even love has a different definition. Love is now associated with lust. And when it comes to commitment, people don’t want to have that responsibility anymore. As if they feel like commitment is such a huge burden. It could be difficult! I get it. But if there is no commitment, what do you expect to gain from it? There is no such thing as love without commitment. Unless there is a fairytale you’re looking for and that fairytale does not exist. Also, nobody wants to fight for anything. If it becomes too complicated, they’ll simply leave. Where is the loyalty? I’s just not realistic to me. The ride or die from the past are not the ride or die of today. People just have such a different mindset nowadays. They became so self-centered and careless, that caring is now considered being weak. Back in the day many things were valuable, now the exact same things are considered “corny”. What a time to be alive.


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