Trust Your Instincts 

Sometimes you meet people and you just love being around them. You just wanna give them a hug, their presence is peacefull and gentle. You feel comfortable and they bring you to this happy place. And then you have people who shake your soul in a negative way. Something about them is really off, you’re not comfortable around them and being around them just makes you feel strange. At times we try to ignore that feeling because we don’t wanna judge at first sight. From my past experiences I can say that my gut feeling never failed me. It always came to light and it always brought me back to the first time I met this person. If I don’t vibe with you from the start, I will probably never be able to vibe with you. In the past I tried to ignore it, but the truth always catched up with me. Knowing that all along my feelings deep down where right. Sometimes you find yourself in these sticky situation because you didn’t listen to the feeling inside. We tend to ignore it at times because ofcourse we don’t have an explaination right away. Be patient, that explaination will come. Never ignore that feeling. It’s a warning! Allah didn’t give us that instinct for no reason at all. It is there for a reason and it’s always right! Trust yourself a little more and I promise it will get you to better places in life.


12 thoughts on “Trust Your Instincts 

  1. One kind word can change someone’s entire day and here you are with your words that change many peoples days…hats off bro keep up your great work….waiting for more to read everyday…🖒

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