Loving Yourself 

​Loving yourself is like loving a beautiful flower that is yet to blossom. My beloved soul, everyone will have imperfections but those imperfections are something that people will cherish and adore. Yes its hard to fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with the others around us because we will see them as a better person, we see the hidden blessings they may have that we start to lack to see our own. We surround ourselves with negativity, thats how we start to think that we are not perfect enough to please others and mainly ourselves. Remember, you are a sealed pearl that knows their true value from within knowing. How many things may try to attach your innocent heart. You will feel insecure with your features on your face, yes. But let me tell you that Allah (SWT) created you perfect already, Allah(SWT) would have never created you differently because you were beyond gorgeous in the eyes of our Creator. You may want people to love you, adore you but if you do not start loving yourself, how will people love that smile of yours, the sparkle in your eyes to your cheesy laugh? By counting your blessings you will start to feel more grateful for who you are because you will have more blessings then having  flaws that mainly no one can recognise, just you. Start realising that you are just a beautiful human being that deserves to be happy, deserves to smile because you have no reason to stop that smile from shining.


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