The Hope You Need

​This is for those who don’t sleep after they say they will. They say they’ll ‘sleep it off’ yet they lay in their beds, their pillows stained with puddles of their tears because nobody could stop them from breaking down this time. They close their eyes while others are peacefully dreaming and they picture themselves drowning or dead because any of those would feel better than the emotional pain that demanded to be felt. They feel the ‘demons’ clinging onto them, pulling at them, grabbing pieces of them and tearing them apart, piece by piece. It feels as though they are drowning in a river of their own blood because society has drained them out, bled them out, cut them open so much that they have just given up. It’s sad knowing people can be so broken yet put up a convincing facade with a smile so bright that it could light up the sky. But broken pieces can be fixed, the feeling of being broken doesn’t last forever. It’s temporary because the worst things have already happened, it’s only onwards and upwards from this point. Life gets better, just hang on in there. You’re actually too precious to be hurting like this, just let me be the hope that you need. I promise I won’t let you down.


6 thoughts on “The Hope You Need

  1. I love this one a lot! Thanks for liking my post cause that led me to liking yours and these accidental encounters are all that matter, specially when you feel like no one else gets you! I really appreciate this post!

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  2. This jux made me speechless…. Words swaying on my mind… Each of it being 👌👌👌mashaAllah thanks for making ur lil sis proud yaa Akhy❤

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