Time will tell

Your tears fall because you gave your all, and now you’re full of regrets and memories you wish to forget because your broken heart won’t mend and your smile you can’t pretend and now the past stays and doesn’t go away and happiness seems miles so far and life seems ever so hard and the world just seems to be collapsing as it’s hanging on its axis and you’re searching for healing but you’re tired of feelings and you feel so empty inside and that you’ll never be alright because someone took your trust and broke it and someone took your happiness and stole it and now everything just seems broken because your heart was ripped open and you cry yourself to sleep because you feel so weak and you can’t find anyone who understands you and you run away from help people hand you and now you’re in a conflict and don’t know what to do but let me promise you, everything will fall into place with time and you’ll be perfectly fine and your heart will join together and happiness will last forever and your smile will come back and you’ll no longer feel under attack and these things take patience my friend because your right to happiness will never come to an end and you’ll wake up one day and all your sadness will go away and understand that this is a blessing despite it being so depressing but lessons will be learnt so next time you won’t be burnt.


12 thoughts on “Time will tell

  1. As i was reading this for real tears started rolling down …, but i can say patience really pays and will always have that patience so that everything goes back as it was …
    keep on giving us these words coz u don’t know how many people need these words ..
    thanks alot 🙌🏽

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