…you just gotta just take some time away from life, from the constant tapping off your fingers on your phone screen, from drama or relationships or people you don’t like, from the world. you have to listen to your heart, to smile at the world you live in, to appreciate your blessings and dive into good company and laughter which comes from the heart and now faked to avoid questions. you have to ponder about the world. inhale the fresh air and absorb your environment, take in positivity and breathe out the negativity, understand that the world is greater than whatever problem you’re facing. sometimes you have to love the night sky and find light within it, you have to appreciate the stars and the lights of the city, to love who you are and where you came from. you have to detach yourself from your past, draw a line and start a blank page and write your story. you have to do dumb shit that makes you feel something, happy, excited, relaxed, because you’re tired of faking and feeling like a robot, you’re tired of saying you’re fine when you want to scream and shout. sometimes you have to walk, walk into your future and close the doors to your past, you need to take a couple minutes to yourself to thank yourself for surviving and to encourage yourself to keep surviving, you have to ponder about life after this world, ponder about your family and your friend and where you’re going, you need to ponder and wonder and dream and smile and laugh until your stomach aches and enjoy the city lights and the cold air and the emptiness of the streets at 4am where only drunkards and broken hearts roam the streets and just say sorry for what the world has made you become and find your happiness again and the reason to live again. sometimes you have to find yourself and sometimes you have to find the way to find yourself, i recommend taking some time and enjoying the world, take a walk and find people who love you and make you want to love them back more.


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