A feeling that doesn’t have words to explain maybe that is called pain. It’s something that makes us weak to a great extent. We feel like left in a jungle with no clue of happiness or joy. We blame ourselves for everything that happened to us even if it was someone’s fault.
Let me tell you in this world everyone have problems in their life maybe minor or major ones. Then why do we complain that only we have problems, in fact it isn’t true at all. We never know behind a person smile how hard they are crying. Everyday seems like a battle field with no sense of what to fight.

Only solution is to talk to Allah because he knows everything about you. You don’t need to hide anything because he can understand even your tears. Allah plans are surely better than ours so just place trust in him and let go what hurts you. Maybe holding on something can be more harmful for you because you can’t say that snake won’t hurt how hard you try. 

Believe that life is more beautiful because even rain and sunlight brings rainbow with colours to smile. 

Stay Blessed☺


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