See Your Life From Another Angle

​I know its hard for you to forget some moment’s that made you cry. Moments which only added to your worries and sadness nothing more than that. I know you are a strong person from inside otherwise you couldn’t have got this far. But sometimes a thought just hover over your mind “Why only you feel like this?” “Why can’t be your life normal?”.

Have you ever thought that the moments of life which made you cry everyday were they only memories that you have in your life? Haven’t you felt happiness and joy from start of your life? Maybe just maybe you don’t value those time spent by you or maybe you aren’t thankful when there was happiness for you. 

Look around yourself for once, look at yourself right now, imagine your home, your family around don’t you think you should say Alhamdulillah right now? So many things in life you are blessed with which you never desired or never asked for. Still you say why do you have this life for? You think you are alone but remember Allah is with you everytime in every sorrow in every happiness. He keeps forgiving you for all your acts which he dislikes but still we complain to him for this life. 

Lets just take a moment to say Alhamdulillah to Allah for all we have for which we never asked for and for what we got when we asked. Remember how hard you fall you would never be tested for a situation which you can’t bear.

Stay Strong and smile because there is no reason to have a dull life.


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