Nasheed – Love You Mama

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful art form known as the nasheed. defines a nasheed as:5

A religiously themed song, much like a song of praise, but usually sung without any musical instruments accompanying the performance. Often background tone is derived from numerous people mimicking instruments by humming in tune.

Nasheeds can be in any language, and some of the prettiest ones combine different languages together, reflecting the diversity of the global Muslim ummah (community). While religiously-themed, they often address universal issues and may appeal to people of different faiths and backgrounds.

Below is an English/Swahili-language nasheed performed by Brother Nassir, who is originally from Mombasa, Kenya.

click here to watch full video of Brother Nassir Nasheed Love You Mama which was inspired by the islamic event. It is dedicated to every mother that ever walked the face of this earth.

It’s also somewhat playful nasheed that demonstrates the great amount of love, respect, and fondness that exists between a mother and her child throughout their lives. It is, however, a tearjerker, especially if you have grown children (don’t say I didn’t warn you).


One thought on “Nasheed – Love You Mama

  1. This nasheed is not only for mothers but also for everyone on this global bcz no one came without a mother,WE REALLY LOVE OUR MOTHERS,

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