Appreciate your Loved Ones

Have you ever thought about people in your life whom you have never imagined to have? Those who were just like a blessing for you who dragged you from darkness to light. Those who just remained with you whatever happened to you but have you ever loved them as much they love you?

There are some hearts who just can’t live without helping others. Those who find happiness in other peoples smile and they think people would love them back but the sad reality is people instead of valuing them they take them as for granted. Maybe its human nature we dont value blessings until we get into problems.

But some people just fail to realise that it hurts alot when someone just ignore you for a meaningless reason. People say they care but when do they care? Just saying that you care isn’t enough you actually need to care aswell. People with kind hearts won’t ever say anything because even if you hurt them they will still forgive you. 

But until when you would hurt them? There would be a time when they wont be able to hold on their feelings because this sudden pain isn’t bearable. Then they would go away from your life because everything have a limit. Every human has right to be happy and if you can’t fill happiness in somones life than don’t fill it with sadness. It’s better to walk away from that person’s life if you can’t value them rather than hurting and say saying meaningless sorry. 

It might not mean anything to you because maybe your heart is frozen but the other person surely doesn’t deserve this behavior. As they do everything for you. They keep an eye on you to see if you are okay but why do you have so much ego that you can’t just ask them how they are? It would take few seconds but the amount of happiness from your this small act would give other person alot of happiness and appreciation.

Just take out a minute from your life to make your loved ones realise that they are special to you. Maybe it wont be something special to you but the other person would surely smile today because of you. ☺


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