I was Alive When Manchester United Knocked Liverpool off their perch

Right, now a day has passed, let’s review a few things shall we;

First of all, great final yesterday, entertaining, bigger club got put under the most pressure. United end up lifting another trophy, meaning after becoming a sinking ship, we only went 2 years post Fergie without winning a trophy as we have now won a major honour in the past 2 seasons, not too shabby, we still have 2 competitions to play for yet, which will be hard. Yesterday was a great side vs a poor side settled by a world class footballer. Saints being the great side, United being the poor side, Zlatan being the world class footballer. They were better than us, just glad United took it home. I thought the whole XI bar Zlatan were poor last night. It goes to show massively that we desperately need another holding midfielder in the window. Keep Carrick, but sign one, because Herrera & Pogba just aren’t the same players when they have to do defensive duties, with someone secure behind them, they can do what they want, it brings the best out of them. 

Another thing, can you sense it? All the bitterness and all the hate is back towards United? And I fuckin love it. We haven’t had this for the last 4 years, now we are winning things again and moving forward, all of a sudden we’re the team to beat and hate again, which I have really missed. Under Sir Alex we won trophy after trophy and we only got hate pure and simply on jealousy, nothing more, nothing less, when Fergie left and we were struggling more, the comments made were “United can’t buy the refs anymore.” But one bad decision for us yesterday all of a sudden we’ve bought all the refs again! Hilarious! Southampton were very unlucky yesterday, as I said, deserved to win that trophy, we didn’t, but the final score was 3-2, get over it. So funny seeing all the Liverpool & City fans join forces talking about that offside goal, yeah we got a bit of luck there, but how many decisions this season have gone against us? More than I can remember? They 100% outweigh the decisions for us, so if I’m being frankly honest, I couldn’t give a shiny Jim Royle shite! If you go look on the “Real Manchester Football banter” page” even right now the City admins are still going on, they are genuinely heartbroken over it. The only people I feel sorry for are Southampton fans, don’t have anything against them or the club plus they knocked the Scousers out, they’re the ones I have sympathy for.

So, the crying and moaning is still going on, but end of the day, you can make more protests against this than Donald Trump and nothing changes, United won the cup, get the hell over it, we’re Englands most successful football club. As Mr Benitez would say, that is a FACT.


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