Sabr (Patience)

Sigh. Sometimes in life you have just to let go off the people you love the most. You dont want to move on but you sort of have to because you’re poison for each other. You just have to go your separates lives and in your hearts pray that one another heals even though you dont speak anymore and just check their social media every now and again in hope they’re alive. It is sad. It is so sad but i guess it is part of life. We live and we learn even though the scars leave us burnt. We open pur heart and it kills but we learn. Everything happens for a reason, it helps us to grow as people, and more often than the less it happens for the best. Just dont destroy yourself over than one person. I know you feel broken but you aren’t, you’re simply just hurt and you’ll heal like all the times before and like all the times before you’ll be happy again. 


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