The One

​The one isn’t perfect, mostly people will think that the ‘the one’ will be the Prince Charming or the queen that they are  waiting for. But that’s not the case, the one will have flaws, that person will not know how to control there own emotions at times. When you find the one you will have that feeling in your heart, everything about them will be perfect to your eyes. You will care for them like your their own family. There will always be something that will not be right between you two because Allah swt is testing you both to see if you are the right one for him or her.  To see if you can handle the pain and still hold their hand proudly, Allah will tests individuals from to see if they are capable for  marriage. You will always, yes always pray for them, there isn’t one prayer that you miss that you don’t mention their name. They almost become a part of every dua you make so you know that they will be okay and if not then they will have sabr within the hardship. The love will not be because of the appearance, it will be because of the deen, the personality that 

sparkles into your eyes. The one will never leave you; even after this dunya.


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