Beautiful souls


There’s many things we may have learnt through the past years from situations we all may have been through. Firstly, attachments that we will have. We give happiness to others and try to keep them happy, before even giving a drop of it to ourselves. Beautiful souls, try to love your flaws that Allah swt has placed on your face and soul. We’re all perfectly imperfect in different ways, we will get attached to this materialistic dunya. Yes. But, sometimes these small obstacles that will come in our way will give us a better outcome, a colourful mind that just keeps discovering beautiful hidden blessings within the hardships that you may face. If you ever want to change, don’t just wait until it’s the new year or a special occasion. Change now, change when your soul and heart feels like it needs to breathe fresher air. Just never give up on what your heart wants, you want to start praying? Slowly by slowly, bit by bit, take baby steps and you will progress and become a better human being and especially a beautiful Muslim. We all crave this feeling of feeling whole, pure and cleansed. In’sha’Allah we are blessed with many more years where everyone will be able to repent for their sins and move forward to become better souls. Have a new mindset, have faith in yourself and never look back.


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