Breaking All The Rules

Traditionally, menswear has been limited to a generic suit and tie, but there’s much more to men’s style than meets the eye. There are quite some rules that you can break while styling yourself up. It doesnt have to be the basic suit and tie i.e the classy gentleman look!

By this i am sure that most guys probably have the custom made, or imported suit they got for a wedding or another formal event. These are nice, but in the long run, they are not a lot of use if you are in your late teens or early 20s. Here are few easy styling tricks that you can use to break the rules and transform your serious suit into a fun and laid back outfit. 

1. Rule To Break: Loose The Tie


Lose the tie, layer your shirt with a T-shirt and pair with some denim slacks.

You look at yourself in the mirror. Suit looks great. Shirt looks awesome. Now the question…Tie? Or no tie? It’s a harder question than it seems. Everyone else will be wearing one. But you’re not a tie guy😕.  And does your shirt collar really look great going tieless? 😍👌🏽 Ok then do it with confidence. What’s going to translate to others in that particular establishment is the moxie…the savoir-faire that you portray.  Own that you are a metropolitan style savant who is not afraid to make his own statement and not have his contemporary flare boxed in. Many times confidence is seen more clearly than any garment you’re wearing.

2. Rule To Break: One or two Button Drop 

Spruce up your look by adding accessories.

Since the shirt is not bound by a tie you’re going unbutton the buttons of the shirt. It’s really preferential how many you should unbutton and there is one thing to consider before making that decision. It comes down to your confidence level. Point to keep in mind is: The message it will send. If you the more buttons you have unbuttoned, the more casual and daring the look will be. You want to be mindful of your environment, audience and the overall mood of the scene.

3. Rule To Break: Break up the 3 pieces.

A 3-piece suit is easy to break, just lose the jacket.

It’s all about breaking it up: Wear the waistcoat with the matching trousers. Although very seldom seen, the waist coat provides a good option for guys who want to look well-kept, and layered on warmer days when its too hot to fuss with a jacket. A side note style-tip is roll the sleeves up before or past the elbows for a relaxed. The minute you treat it as more casual instead of as a matching piece of a suit, it will have a little bit more of a throwaway style to it, which is better. While this look doesn’t appeal to everyone, especially not more traditional dressers, for whom it resemble the uniform of a waiter, I still think its looks good.

4. Rule to Break: Don’t Wear a Suit without Socks.

Something as simple as not wearing socks can sometimes make a suit look more casual. Make sure it is well-fitted and the hem hits just above, or on the ankle.

It may seem counter intuitive, but you don’t always have to wear socks when sporting a suit.  In fact, as temperatures rise, ditching socks when you dress up is a stylish way to stay cool.  The look pairs well with more casual suits, especially ones worn to warm summer events like  outdoor weddings and parties.  Breaking this rule isn’t as simple as walking out your front door without dress socks, though.  It’s important to remember to care for your feet and your shoes, because let’s face it – your feet will get sweaty under the blazing sun.  Gold Bond (foot care)  powder is a sockless suit wearer’s best friend since it helps absorb moisture, preventing your shoes from effectively becoming a sweat sponge.  This will not only keep your shoes from smelling ripe after a long day under the sun, but will also help keep your feet feeling comfortable and fresh.  A pair of no show, low cut socks work great for this purpose, too.  If you do decide to take the powder route, applying a moleskin patch to sensitive areas will limit the pain you experience in the name of fashion.  We love stylish looks that are practical too, so it’s no surprise we love ditching our socks and baring our ankles in the name of cool relief and dapper attire.😍👌

5. Rule to Break: Dont Out-Dress Your Boss.😝

“Don’t out-dress the boss: Some claim that this is an unwritten no no in the business world, but why not dress to impress? Many times we want that promotion and to simply be taken seriously and the easiest way to embark on this endeavor is to look the part. In addition to working hard to be a real asset to a company, the first step is to be noticed and quality work pieces can make all the difference.”

-Leah Hogan

I hope this was of some help for you guys! Inn shaa Allah will plan on putting up more posts about styles and coolest waysbto dress up.😄

Now tell me which style rules are you breaking? Which are you sticking steadfast to?  Let me know in the comments!👇


4 thoughts on “Breaking All The Rules

  1. I believe a suit doesn’t always have to be accompanied by a pair of office shoes. Replace them with loafers and well fitting jeans or ankle grazer and be sure to still look look bomb!

    Color blocking is great too. You don’t have to wear a matching jacket and trouser. Play around with colors and patterns for a vibrant look.


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