I will always care or I will always love them


If you’re someone who recently just went through a heartbreak, and you keep saying things like “I will always care or I will always love them” stop. Why on the face of the earth will you sit here bullying yourself saying things like this knowing that the other person is not affected by that at all and the only person you are affecting is yourself. Stop. Take a deep breath. When you put others before yourself like that all you’re showing them is you come second and sadly as much as you want them to, they probably won’t realise you’re a person who needs equal love and care and will keep putting you second. Stop telling yourself you will always love or care about them. Tell yourself you will love and about yourself now. The way you wanted them to, the way you wanted to be loved. Take a bubble bath, drink some hot chocolate, make new friends, go on new experiences, explore your city and go to places you haven’t before, take pictures like a tourist, watch more movies, read more books, and most certainly realise just because someone couldn’t see the stars in your eyes that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Stop bullying yourself. Stop calling yourself worthless or undeserving of love. You deserve love and happiness and hope but just stop putting it in the wrong things and people because life is full of so many beautiful moments and staying in the same old area hoping that if you still love and care it will do something for you because honey, it won’t. That’s okay. Your soul is a universe and your face is growing into your parents and you are a legacy of generations before you, your skin is a battle ground, your veins are road maps and you are on a journey to something much bigger than you could ever know. So put on your favorite perfume and smile a bit more, I promise you if you keep telling yourself the only person you will love and care about is yourself and act on it, you will find the love of your life as they have the same hiding place. Above all make sure you pray and ask the universe or Allah to help you, fate isn’t in our hands but we can sure control the way we feel and the way we talk to ourselves. You are fabulous and you don’t owe anyone an apology for that.


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