Always forgive your enemies nothing annoys them much.


It’s easy to react to someone’s anger and cruelty with anger and cruelty of our own. If we feel slighted, we fight fire with fire. However, all this usually gives us an uncomfortably large fire.

If you feel like someone is treating you wrong, this could just be a result of a misunderstanding. Maybe there was a miscommunication between the two of you. Maybe the person expresses themselves in a fashion unfamiliar to you. Or, maybe they just had ill intentions.

If a person acts with ill intention toward you, you may think you’ll feel better by treating them the same way. However, while fighting fire with fire may give you a temporarily satisfying feeling, being unkind to others or holding onto anger doesn’t feel good in the long-term.

It may take a little practice and a lot of motivation, but try to forgive enemies for the wrong they’ve done. Forgiveness frees us from spending time and energy on the negative events of our life and leaves more room for positivity and productivity. Forgiving others gives us space to focus on what’s really important.

This post first appeared on The Seeds 4 Life written by April Stearns


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