​Man United 4-1 Leicester

2nd half a bit boring but we had the right to play like that coming in at half time 4-0 up! That was by far the best game I’ve seen since Sir Alex stepped down. The whole team were great today, defence solid, Herrera, Mata, Lingard, Rashford were brilliant, but the 2 stand out players for me were Pogba & Blind.

Blind with 3 assists and Mahrez had to come off at half time cause no one realised he was in Daley’s pocket. Pogba controlled the game and sprung some quality passes together and of course, got his first goal!
Couldn’t have done anything any better to shut people up, just the result and performance we needed. Still early days we might have a few more downs in the season but it’s important for Jose to stick with the team he really believes is best, not Rooney, not Fellaini, players like this. Love Rooney but of course he’s declined a lot now, was always coming. 
Europa midweek then we have Stoke at home before a tough test away to Liverpool, away to Chelsea & home to Man City. If we play like that then unlucky for them! Let’s hope we can!


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