What is Love

Love is not an emotion or a feeling as we mistake it, it’s a way of life. It’s praying to pass before loved ones in fear you’ll never be able to cope with their absence. It’s waking up at 3am because your partner is taking up 90% of the bed but being happy because they are. It’s compromise in your everyday life. It’s living with one another’s faults. It’s forgiveness in its purest form, to forget the one wrong for all the right, to forget and forgive within reason. It’s trust, trusting your feelings and secrets, as though you’re giving your soul to one another. It’s cheesy pick up lines and play fighting. It’s annoying the fxck out of one another and being gay. It’s arguing and then making up because you miss one another. It’s counting down the minutes till you’re United. It’s all the little things in life, the way they like their coffee with too much milk or how they always leave their towel on the bed. It’s not being able to live without one another, it’s not be able to breathe when the other is hurting. It’s hope combined with happiness. It’s beautiful. It’s praying with one another and making each other better people, it’s loving the warmth of one another’s arms, it’s her stealing my hoodies and me parading around in her scarf pretending to be an aunt. It’s reading Quran with one another and me reading tasbeeh on her fingers. It’s late nights talking and early mornings rushing for work and kissing each other goodbye as you text me every 5 mins to remind me if I’ve shut the iron or locked the door. It’s building an empire together. It’s waking up in the middle of the night and turning around to see them sleeping so peacefully, to see all the beauty of their spots and lines and telling yourself you couldn’t be any more in love that this moment right now. It’s helping one another and being each other’s foundation, to be the best part of one another. Love is special, and so so so rare. When you find it you know it. Love is tender, it’s wanting the best for them before the best for yourself, it’s giving more of the blanket to them than you, it’s giving them the bigger cup of hot chocolate on the winter nights where you snuggle infront of a movie.


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