The Home of Peace

KICC Roof Top

Pause for a second, forgets all about the hardships in your life for a second, all the tears and the pain, the stress and the depression, sadness, the anger, that feeling of emptiness and loneliness, that feeling of nobody understanding, and think about Jannah. Think about getting to Jannah after all the struggle in this world. A place of beauty where no eye has never seen or no man can imagine. Imagine seeing Allah (s.w) and prophets, loved ones where death and sadness doesnt exists, where all desires are filled. Forever and ever and ever. Understand this Dunya is a small struggle for a great reward which never ends, a couple years of hardship in Jannah. Keep going, keep going. I know it’s  hard but remember it’s all going to be  worth it in the end. 


2 thoughts on “The Home of Peace

  1. So the saying goes “Life is all but a journey,all the sorrows and sadness that come with it are just but there and will soon pass.After the storm comes sunshine and the harder the battle the more rewarding is the success” – It takes two to encourage another, unity is the undoubted trust that makes all faiths and religions one.

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