​#AllahHasBlessedMeWith 1: The ability to smile.


I can smile. I have so many things to smile about when there’s others who only ever see tears and broken faces. I have my family to make me smile, my friends, Instagram, facebook, twitter snapchat, Islam, millions and millions of things make me smile Alhamdulilah. I don’t smile all the time, some days I don’t but I know tomorrow I’ll smile again, or later during the day, because life is a compilation of ups and downs so when you’re down know that the only way you can go is up. A smile is something beautiful, it changes all your emotions and uplifts you but for some they’re rare. Children are forced into human trafficking, becoming sex salves, dying young of disease, in war town countries; when will they ever get a chance to smile? The smallest things make people smile, hold onto the little things and be grateful, and pray for all those who need a smile. Donate as much as you can in charity this Ramadhan, i swear the smallest of gifts can bring someone the biggest of smiles and who knows how much weight that smile may hold on the day of judgement? Stay smiling from your smiling brother :)✌


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