Close Your Eyes

I want you to close your eyes (don’t because you won’t be able to read the rest), and to stop whatever you’re doing. I want you to breathe and think about all your blessings for a second rather than your burdens. I want you to understand that though today is a bad day, it doesn’t mean it will be a bad week, month, year or life. We all g through good days and bad days. I want you to make a promise to yourself. Promise yourself you will give you all in everything you do, that you will try your best in whatever task you adventure upon. That you will let go of all the negativity that brings you down, that you’ll only focus on the positivity. I want you to promise yourself that you’ll keep going despite what setbacks come your way, we make mistakes to learn, that’s why they exist. I want you to tell yourself that you’re beautiful and loved because you are. I want you to thank your loved ones, I want you to thank God, I want you to breathe, open your eyes and make a promise to yourself that from this second on you will live a new life, a happier life, a better you will be born and you’ll make a difference and reach all your goals and make you and all those who love you, proud.



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