My Prayers Will Be Answered


We are not together right now, we don’t even talk but who says you need to speak to someone to show you love them? Love is tested when you no longer have contact with a person, when you no longer see their beautiful face anymore. Love is tested when you wait for their text even though you know you won’t be getting one. It’s hope. Love is hope. Hope that one day you will have her/him again. We are not talking but I’m still praying for you and remembering you in every single prayer. Yes we argued a lot but when I think about you, I realise that you’re the only person who understood me, you’re the only person who done soooo much for me. You’re the only person who showed me what real love is. Yes you told me to let go, but I love you and I can’t let you go. I can’t let go of a diamond, only a fool would do that. I’m sitting here right now, with you running through my mind, your smile, your silly laugh and funny faces. I’m reminiscing the memories which we once made. They still give me hope, no body can tell you that something is impossible so always keep hope for that hope fuels my love for you. After time if there is no hope your love will decrease, but I’m always keeping hope which means over time my love for you is increasing. It’s actually beautiful to see that some people still love this way, still love you even though they don’t talk to you, they love you like they still have you. I just pray and pray in every Dua that our paths cross again. It’s hard to love someone when you don’t have contact with them but that’s where your love is tested, that’s what differentiates you from a normal lover, that’s what makes you different from everyone else in his/her past. Never give up on the one you love even if you’re not together anymore because maybe one day your prayers will be answered and that’s what is keeping me going. Hope that one day my prayers will be answered.


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