Play On The Edge



I never thought of being a goalkeeper, it just soo happened to be that I became one . i was a winger when i started playing football. Occasionally at the end of the training sessions, when we had a free game with no ‘keeper, where the deepest player acted as a goalkeeper, sometimes i went into goal because i wanted to see the difference between a player that was on the pitch & a player that was a goal keeper.


It all started when one day our goalkeeper wasn’t present in school  and we had a football match. We had no ‘keeper and somebody had to take up that position , but nobody really wanted to. So i volunteered to take the place . I said i would do it for only one match and we ended up having  a good game, making some cool saves. And that is how…

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2 thoughts on “Play On The Edge

    1. That good for him. Starting at an early age. Let him not stop training, maybe ond day it will take him places. En thanks for the compliment. I really appreiciate.


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