I’ll be screaming for your forgiveness because forgiveness allows us to move beyond our pain, to heal, and to grow. Forgiveness also provides grace to a wrong that has been experienced. Forgiveness does not look to equalize a situation, does not look for whether a situation is fair, rather, looks at not allowing pain to take root. Forgiveness is about allowing yourself to stay vulnerable with hope for growth in our relationship it’s all in our dheen that love and forgiveness goes hand in hand my veins my heart and the smallest particles in my body aches for your forgiveness as Nelson Mandela said the alternative to holding on to the hurt and protecting oneself from future pain is choosing to offer the gift of forgiveness and letting go of resentment. My love for you aches for your forgiveness our prophet (pbuh) used to forgive and forget and that’s how forgiveness should be done following the sunnah. I bow down all day all night praying for us that’s how much I need your forgiveness.



2 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. No humbling act is like seeking forgiveness. No couragous act like admitting wrong doing…
    Yet, no hard action like letting go. It also happens to be a reliefing action…

    Hoping for a reconciliation.. Life is too short for holding grudges, too worthy to be wasted in anger…

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