50th Post

Thank you everyone for your enormous support and concern.. Your thoughts, comments and likes made me reaching this tiny milestone.


Since it’s my 50th post I thought I would celebrate by sharing some stats and some stuff with you.

Views: 2,382

Visitors: 689

Followers: 90

Countries: 47

Kenya, United States, Norway, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, South Africa, India, France, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Ukraine, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Serbia, Austria, Romania, Australia, Switzerland, Colombia, Singapore, Bahamas, Qatar, Bahrain, Spain, Ireland, Oman, Hong Kong, Newzland, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, Myanmar(Burma), Bangladesh, Cyprus, Russia, Nigeria, Netherlands,  Lebanon, Hungary, Uganda.

Continents: 6 – Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia

(P.S. if you are travelling to Antarctica anyone, can you please read my blog there so I can have all 7 continents? Thanks)

Site live since: Late January 2016

Most viewed post: Play On The Edge – http://wp.me/p7aPwm-2Z

Reblogs: 1

Top 3 referrers: WordPress Reader, Facebook, Twitter,

Highest amount of hits in one day: 372

Highest amount of visitors in one day: 88

3 best things about blogging?

Connecting with people, writing, realising I am more technical than I ever believed possible!

3 worst things about blogging?

Checking stats obsessively, forgetting to save that really long good post I drafted, internet is too distracting!!

Blog plans / direction for the future?
Keep going as it is.

That about sums up the blogging so far…here’s to another 50 posts!:)😍🙌💪❤


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