Kinder Than I Feel


I was always raised on the basis of kindness, and though it may be my biggest strength; it’s also my largest weakness. I live on the principle of helping others, regardless of the fact if they help me or hurt me. Someone could break me but I’m too kind to hurt them back. I feel like responsibility within myself to take the problems of the world upon my own shoulders and I love it. That feeling within your veins when you help someone cannot be matched, it’s amazing to heal other souls, save lives and jus to make others smile. But it’s harder when you’re falling apart yourself, when you give advice to others and that advice is perfect for you but it just doesn’t seem to work. We give smiles to others when we don’t have smiled ourselves. The little things seem to break me. Like if someone says something small, and to them it’s nothing, I’ll think about it the whole day. Those words would leave their imprint on my heart and they’d be running through my mind and I’ll overthink it and fall into an anxiety attack. I guess that’s me, maybe it’s my fault and maybe it’s all for the greater good. We heal whilst we’re broken ourselves, maybe that’s beautiful or maybe we’re just foolish. I guess time can only tell. Anyone else like this?


8 thoughts on “Kinder Than I Feel

  1. I have explored several of your musings. Your thoughts of expression is excellent. You can not heal the world, don’t take the burden on yourself. Being kind is a wonderful thing, and it is the small gestures or words that are powerful to a loving spirit! Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you again. Blessings and peace!

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