You Can’t Change The Past

Some nights, you sense selfishness crawling under your skin.

You think about all the people you have hurt, all the things that slipped out of your hand, and the promises you couldn’t hold on to. You look in the eye of your own darkness.

Forget self love. Try self awareness sometimes.

You are not all candy and unicorns. You are sometimes a terrible person. Let it pass through your veins, and let it make an impression on you. Forget victimising on every count.

Sometimes, you need to take everything on you. There is a different kind of peace in doing that. Once you stumble on your rotten pieces, your love becomes more deliberate.

Your love becomes more real, because you know that the other person is finding you worth their love despite all the things that are not beautiful or soulful.

Once you are dripping with honesty, you are free.


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