A – Z Of Me

A-Age- 22.
B- Biggest fear- Not fulfilling my potential.
C- Current time- 00.46
D- Drink you last had- water
E- Everyday starts with- Prayer en wanting to go back to sleep.
F- Favourite song- Too many, Ahh really Zigo Remix by AY and Diamond Platnumz.
G- Ghosts, Real or not real?- Real.
H- Hometown- Mombasa Island.
I- In love with- That one girl.
J- Jealous of- My parents they will never have a kid as cool as me😜.
K- Killed someone?- Nope…
L- Last time you cried- today?
M- Middle name- Mauladdawila 😍
N- Number of siblings- 7 Including me.
O- One wish- Peace, Love and Unity in the entire World
P- Person you last called- My sister.
Q- Question you always get asked- umm, probably “When you going to get married —?” By my Aunts.:?
R- Reason to smile- Being alive, family and friends.
S- Song last sang- Lupela by Ali Kiba…ironically last night.
T- Time you woke up- 5.30am maybe?
U- Underwear colour- Well that’s personal!:roll:🙊
V- Vacation destination- Syschellew without thinking twice 😍.
W- Worst habit- Worrying andstressing.
X- X-Rays- Arm/wrist.
Y- Your favourite food- Chapati and Beans, what i had today😋
Z- Zodiac sign- Saggitarius.


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