What You Allow Is What Will Continue

As humans we always tend to look at the negative side to things, opposed to looking at all the good things that actually happened. We dwell and wonder about all the things that went wrong forgetting all the things that went right and how they beautifully impacted our lives. I often relate this to my own life, I’m a firm believer in destiny; that every small action holds a significant place in the timeline of our lives. That every action, be it good or bad, small or large, always happens for a reason either to reward us or to teach us a valuable life lesson. That one small action will lead into another and another and without realising something small like opening the door for someone, or deciding to write your feelings on a paper will change your life. Sometimes good and sometimes bad but when it’s bad it’s a lesson for us to ponder on and learn and understand that the universe works in weird ways but eventually we’ll understand and find contentment within our hearts, and we’ll understand that we only see pain so we can understand what happiness looks like. Just pause and look back at everything that you thought went bad and see what goodness you can draw from it and how it led to so many other things, it’s beautiful man, life is remarkable.


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