Nothing Worse Having Come Easy

All positivity from now on. We can’t experience success without tasting failure and can’t touch the surface of peace without rolling in the hills of pain. We often face hardships before we come across the happiness, we often go through the tough times before we stumble across the good. Like how we study hard before an exam, we go through the hard work before the taste of success. As in life we go through difficulties before we are blessed, it’s natural, your tears and pain are bound to happen so embrace them, take a deep breath, put on a smile and fight because you’ll soon run into the valleys of freedom and happiness and all the struggle would be forgotten. Use these words as inspiration to inspire a restart on your life, you don’t need a particular date or moment to change and start afresh, away from the pain and misery, you can just start now. Make a decision to live better, and watch life get better.



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