Today Is My Big Bro Wedding Anniversary


Today, my brother Ahmed Shee Ali who i share same mother with, and his wife Alwiyah Abubakar celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary.

We’ve had some hard times and happy moments aa a family…things i won’t go into because it’s not fair to anyone to relieve it when it’s in the past and also doesnt matter now…but as a family right now, there is nothing i would change. All i will say we are all happy and loving life and each other.

My brother and i are super close not only sharing the same mama but he is also my very best friend too. We have a really strong bond and have always been able to communicate without saying a word, just a look or raised eyebrow or grin will say it all.


Alwiyah and i havent always gotten along, since we never get to meet alot, but she has been one of the best friends i have ever had and has been there for me whenever i needed her. I remember when i visited them in Doha where they stayed and when watching  TV we always get to say the same things at the same time, know what the other is thinking and finish each other sentences. We spent lot of time together with my bro, laugh like maniacs over stupid stuff and learn things is what i always wanted, and she is the best sister and friend i could ask for.

Their wedding day was ine of the best moment in my life as it is to them. The weeks leading up to it were pure chaos because the wedding was conducted in our home and so we planned the whole thing ourselves with the help of close family members and did all the work. To make the story short, everything was perfect. I started to feel the butterflys in my stomach and tears wanted to roll down the moment i saw my brother at the front of the stage (after nikah), so handsome and relaxed. I think i cried 🙈 after how i could see Eddy’s (My bro’s nickname) face the whole time and his eyes were so full of love as he watched Alwiyah, it made my heart ache, and kept thinking how happy i was for them, and that i hoped someday, InnshaaAllah, i’d find a woman who looked at me with such love in her eyes as how Alwiyah looked at his Eddy and would be as anxious to marry me as
Ahmed was with Alwiyah. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was so much fun, we laughed and danced and ate and had a great time. It is actually hard to believe that four years ago right now, it was happening…sometimes it feels like longer, and sometimes it feels like yesterday.


So just a little tribute to my brother and sister-in-law, who mean the world to me. Wishing you huys a very happy anniversary and many more happy, healthy, love-filled years together. Love you guys!

This is a shairi (poem) written by my brother to his lovely wife to wish her their happy anniversary. He posted it on his Facebook.

“leo naѕιмaмa
мвele yenυ υмa
nιpaтe ĸυѕeмa

ĸwanza nι ѕalaмυ
ĸaвυla ĸalaмυ
ndιo la мυнιмυ
ѕυna ya naвιya

lengo na dнaмιra
ya zangυ ιвara
ѕιĸυoмвa ĸυra

alonιpa мυngυ
ĸυwa nι мwenzangυ
ĸwenye υlιмwengυ
na peponι pιa

alo na naѕaвa
na yaĸe нaιвa
мjυzι wa нυвa
nana alawιya

na ĸιwιlιwιlι
anao jaмalι
нapana мιтнalι

ĸιмo ѕι ѕagнιrι
мaтo мazυrι
na мwιlι нarιrι
zιυngo ѕawιya

na мwenye ιмanι
мѕнιĸa wa dιnι
zangυ ѕнυĸυranι
nι ĸwaĸo jalιya

yalιĸaмa leo
na мwezι тυlιo
nι ѕιĸυ aмвao
ndoa nalιngιa

nι ѕιтa ѕιnιna
ѕιѕι тwapendana
ιnѕнallaн raввana

nalιdυмυ мno
leтυ тangaмano
ιnυwa мιĸono
тυoмвe jalιya

тυzιdι ғυraнa
yondoĸe ĸaraнa
вιjaнιнι тwaнa
тυмwa qυraѕнιa

poĸea zawadι
мoyo υвυrυdι
мιмι waĸo edι

lιѕoмe  ѕнaιrι
ѕoтe тυĸarιrι
нapι anvaѕarι
ĸweтυ тaнanιya

мιѕιĸι ĸнιтaмι
ѕwala za нaѕнιмι
aleyнι ѕalaмι
ιмaмυ anвιya”



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