Scandal Is Back😍


The newest episode of Scandal premiered last night and it was exactly as we could expect, surprising. The episode ended with several plot twists including Jake going to the dark side; living with Olivia’s dad (he called him “son”, which is kinda weird since Olivia is sleeping with him), killing an innocent man, and working with the President as the new head of the NSA (aren’t they supposed to hate each other?). The other amazing plot twist is the new dynamic duo, Olivia and Mellie working together! (Aren’t they also supposed to hate each other?  – I think they still do). Finally! I have been waiting for this moment forever! I personally have always been a fan of Mellie. I think she’s an incredibly intriguing character with a lot going on. I think the two of them working together will be particularly exciting and entertaining (after all they are both extremely strong independent women, what could go wrong?).


I’m so looking forward to the rest of the season and what is to come for these characters, and apparently twitter agrees.

A lot of people were extremely excited about Mellie’s book:

And of course about Mellie and Olivia getting together #Mellivia:


But most of all confused as to why Olivia is hooking up with creepy dudes:


I was extremely surprised that twitter didn’t erupt in a frenzy referencing the ending of the previous episode where Olivia gets an abortion. For some reason I was expecting to see a couple of tweets with “Wow, how can she just be acting so normal after an abortion?” or “How can everyone just forget about the last episode?” or something along those lines. I did see a couple referencing the fact that she’s “changed”, but of course she has. Although apparently the ratings for this episode were extremely low compared to other times, so I’m wondering was last episodes abortion scene too much for some viewers?


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