My Aim Is To Heal The Broken Soul

You sit there late at night, cradling a warm cup of coffee to ur cold soul. Headphone🎧 blazing up, John Legend songs blasting. In the darkness,glaring out of the window. Watching the mist build as you breathe and observe, see everyone going with their lives while yours seems to be in chaos. You have been crying your sleeves are wet from wiping your eyes:'(. Your cheeks are damp with your precious tears. You have isolated your self from friends and family,searching the serenity of loneliness, peace almost.
But let me tell you, at the end of the day you have 30⏰ seconds to look out of your window at the stars, remember yourself in this world 🌍. Dont let yourself get lost in it. Just remember that the moon doesnt shine so brightly, for you to sit there and cry over somebody who broke you. You have the world infront of you. Remember thay somewhere in this world theres somebody loves you, and there is atleast a person out there dying to meet someone like you😍, yes YOU! With your frizzy hair, or big nose like mine😜, glasses, no six packs…like Hrithik Roshan, with your awkward smile☺, embarassing laugh:D and the sense of humour that you think no one could love. Just know that you are a wonderful person and you have the potential to go so far in this life. Dont let the way others judge you to affect the way you judge yourself. Dont let your mistakes and past define you, dont let anything hold you down. Simply BELIEVE NO FEAR. You are an amazing person just the way you are,no need to change anything for anyone but for yourself. You have countless opportunities. Goals to chase and dreams to achieve. So why you going to let this ruin yours. SMILE, i promise it will all be fine. πŸ™‚

Photo Credit: @zacks_alyafy (IG)

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