I Pray For You

And Allah knows how much i wish i could hold you in my arms with your head close to my heart, almost making you mine as i tell you everything will be okay. But i cant, not yet at least. I have something better to give though, rather than this cormforting words of mine, I pray that Allah sends you His comforting words for they are truely the ones that can help you. And so i pray late in the cold night for your happiness and peace, for that feeling of anxiety to dissapear from your heart and for you to be granted my happiness if you still need some. For you to be blessed and granted the highest rank in Jannah and for Allah to bring you closer to him. And that gives me comfort, knowing that Allah has you under His protection, that you will be just fine and that means i can go to sleep knowing you have found peace.

My niece Khadija praying.:)

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