That Messed Up!

He was talking about how we expect so much mercy from Allah,  but we’re merciless to others. And it’s true, we hold so many grudges, so many families and friendships are broken because of a lack of mercy. We all make mistakes, we all fall and do wrong and surely if Allah is the most merciful, should we try too become merciful? We judge people on their pasts, blasting them with claims that they’re going to hell, forgetting to understand where they come from, why they sin and advising them on how to ask for forgiveness. We become scared to ask Allah for forgiveness, it’s nothing complicated. No long Dua’s or special prayers, just raise your hands with a clean hard and understand that Allah’s mercy is greater than whatever sin you committed. The moral is to have hope, don’t give up on others and let them fade away, help them gain forgiveness and reach out to them. Don’t lecture them but a few good words of encouragement will help so much.


This was from the Bayyinah Institute account in YouTube in his series called ‘that’s messed up’ and honestly the talks are beautiful.


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