Mourinho Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal says wouldnt go behind his back to speal to another manager, amid reports from BBC that we have held the talks with Jose Mourinho.
Wouldnt be nice to see if we did as much as i’d have Jose, but i wont be shocked, never know this days with football.
Jose has also held his first interview since his sucking amd confirms he want his job to be asap and he wants it to be in England as his family is settled.
See i just dont know where else he is going too? Liverpool have Klopp,obviously not Chelsea, Arsenal is a no GO!, City have Pep, Spurs settled with Pochettino, unless Jose fancied a challenge & went to somewhere like Norwich, then usually us United is the only option. And to be honest that a challenge in itself,we need rebuilding  and we want to be back to the top. Esspecially when we fail to make to CL again. This would be Mourinho best challenge yet and he is dreaming of United Job.

Jose Mourinho and Louis Van Gaal

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