Little Things

My niece and I at Nyali Beach Hotel photocredits: @zacks_alyafy

We fail to appreciate all all things in life which makes it worth living, forgetable by to understand their importance. We mistake life as one big pitcture whilst it’s a collection of loads of difference little pictures, the little moments in our day which we dont believe to mean much. Like that cup of tea your mother made you, or how the bus waited that extra second just for you, saving extra 10 minutes of standing in the cold. Or how someone is held the elevator for you so you wouldnt be late to work, or how the person at the shawarma place gave you a little extra salad and meat 😋.  This may seem as small things which gives us hope to keep going, to keep fighting this battle of life💪. If we learn to cherish this small things, trust me life will blossom 😍👌, appreciate everything, open your eyes 👀 its beautiful.


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