Inspired By A Friend

And i know the days are dark and they seem to drag you on😧, and all you pray is for this pain to be gone. That you dont see the stars as beautiful like before, that the sky isnt the same blue and you are sore😟. That life is knocking you down day by day:|. And sometimes all that you want to do is go away💃. Allah knows. He knows you are suffering, He knows you are hurting and crying yourself to sleep every night😣. So talk to Him, He is testing whether you will break apart or you will run towards him, so spring towards your Lord and cry to Him🙏, He will return the light to your life once again. And you will look back and smile☺. See the Stars as graceful and the sky reach blue on those dark days you feared 😟, you will feel peace.
Sabr Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do.

One of My Friend (Oponent Team) give me condolence after losing to there team. 🙂

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