We’ll Never Die & The Trending “DAB”


A lot better or the best performance from Unites i have seen lately:). Great team work and decent results with a cleansheet for De Gea.

de gea for once never strained like before..........i love manchester united😍

Wondering if Van Gaal has finally ditched his bulshits 😠 and let the players have freedom. If he has then he might just start earning respect and atleast leave atleast on us (fans) good side🙏.  Is he going to be stubborn and being boring though😣? To me, I still think a change in the summer is a MUST. Whatever u’ve said to the players today or if you have used Sir Alex notes Van Gaal, then just keep it that way🙌, Coz its working! For now, lets hope this form goes on and surprise us at the end of the season.

Now bring on the Rent Boys👍(Chelsea) Tough Game, they’re in “better” form shall we say.

In Other News;)

Lingard celebrating his goal with a "dab dance" in a 3 - 0 against Stoke City at Old Trafford

Blame Jesse Lingard. Blame Paul Pogba. Blame Cam Newton. Blame America and the Atlanta rap Migodls in general. DABBING on the Hornets sidelin is EVERYTHING!
But like it or not, the ‘DAB’ has made its way into English Premier League thanks to my niggah Jesse Lingard!
Speaking to Man Utd about the dance Lingard said,
” Its just trending at the moment, a lot of people are doint it. I’ve seen Pogba do it and knew i had to do it. At the time, I didnt think about it but  as soon as I scored i thought I might as well do it, it’s just a dance. We’ll have to see if i score again,  maybe it will come out again!”

Lingard isnt just saving the dance for him and our Manchester United teammates to enjoy though, he wants everyoje in on the action, including the mascots!


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